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XXL 33" DELUXE Gravity Free Recliner with Canopy & Tray Brown Jacquard

  • Product Dimensions: FOLDS TO 6 1/4" X 38" H X 33" W
    With the Bliss Hammocks XXL Gravity Free Recliner, the stress will just float away as you recline back into your desired position. This chair is designed to put your body into the most natural position needed for rest. You will feel like you're floating in space. Now two inches wider than our previous wide models. New extra wide style - 33 inches across, armrest to armrest.
    • Made with a PVC-coated woven polyester non-stretch yarn. A fabric known as an industry standard for versatility and strength
    • Ergonomic design reduces muscle tension and stress
    • Folds instantly to 6.25" x 38" x 32" for easy storage or transport.
    • Padded head rest provides exquisite support.
    • 32" wide, holds up to 360 lbs. capacity
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