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Set of 2 Kona Deluxe Sconce Torches Copper Burn

Set of 2 Kona Deluxe Sconce Torches Copper Burn.  Each comes with a fiberglass wick that doesnot burn away. Also, Kona Deluxe torches have an adjustable wick control--simplyturn the dial on the side of the wick collar to adjust the wick height. Thistorch features a separate spout for pouring oil. Each torch comes with asnuffer cap and holds up to 32 ounces of fuel for up to 24 hours of burn time.Kona Deluxe Sconce Torch has a black steel sconce bracket with a flange heightof 14" and total height of 21". Each torch head is 6" wide by8.25" high.

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