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Replacement Canopy and Netting for Tiverton Series 3 Gazebo

Tiverton Gazebo Series 3 Target

Our Tiverton Gazebo replacement parts are made specifically to fit the Tiverton Series 3 Gazebos manufactured by Numark Industries and sold at Target department stores in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. We have the lowest prices for Tiverton replacement canopies and netting on the internet + FREE SHIPPING!

Will These Products Fit My Tiverton Gazebo?

Manufacturer Model #'s Series # Will It Fit?
Sunjoy TGZ074 or TGZ 074 (DPCI #009050070) Series 0 Nope
Sunjoy G-GZ107PST (DPCI #009050454) Series 1 Nope
Sunjoy L-GZ025PST, G-GZ025, or GZ025 (DPCI #009050190) Series 2 Nope
Numark SA-585, (DPCI #009050195) Series 3 YES!

How to Identify a Tiverton Series 3 Gazebo

You can easily identify a Series 3 Tiverton Gazebo by inspecting the gazebo’s legs which feature a “snake hole” that allows you to feed electrical cords neatly into your gazebo. If your gazebo has these “snake holes,” then our replacement canopies and insect netting / replacement curtains will fit your gazebo!

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