Fall Tips For Your Outdoor Living Areas

8 Tips To Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Areas

  1.  Candle lights for cooler nights.  Add light and charm to your outdoor living space with a simple candle lantern or chandelier.
  2.  You can never go wrong with pumpkins and mums.   Attempt to stand out a little more and go with beautiful white pumpkins this Autumn season.
  3.   Paper bag Fall luminaries.  Whether you want a DIY project or just buy from a local craft store, add some glow to your outdoor living style.
  4.   Increase outdoor seating. Think about adding an outdoor sectional this Autumn to enjoy those cooler nights with friends and family.
  5.   Pillow swap.  Consider changing your pillow colors to be more reflective of the Autumn season.  
  6.   Fall foilage.  Use the natural colors of Autumn foilage to add zest and color to your patio planters. 
  7.   DIY lighting.  Tap into your creative side and think about an outdoor lighting project like re-purposing an old indoor chandelier gathering dust in the attic.
  8.   Bring that deck back to life.  Revitalize your patio deck with a quick power wash and paint.  Fall is the perfect season to add beauty and years to your deck.


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