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June 07, 2017 4 min read

Summer.  Backyard BBQ's, graduation party's, camping trips, vacation, outdoor activities, and pool season.  The best way to cool off in the summer is to jump into a cold refreshing pool.   But what happens when you don't have a pool?  You become inventive! Here are some fun diy ways to get cooled off from the summer heat without a pool that the whole family will love. 

1. Exploding Noodle 

Take a pool noodle, poke holes all around the noodle.  Hang a Water hose up high (Tree, or pant pole) Duck Tape the water hose to the noodle if lose.  Turn on water and have fun!

2. Water Balloon War

Classic Water fight.  You could even try a toss the water balloon competition. 

3.Water Battle Ship

Fill Cups with water or favorite juice and use a ping pong ball to sing the opponents "ship". First one with all their ships down gets dunked. 

4. Captain May I?

One person is the "Captain" and the others are the "Crew."  Each crew member takes turn asking Captain May I... (Ex: Take three steps forward) and the Captain says either "Yes you may" or "No you may not but you can... (Ex: Stand on one leg while singing the Alphabet Song"  The Fun twist, Who ever fails the captains challenge request gets sprayed with the hose. 

5. Drink Cooler

This Idea is just a fun way to keep your drinks cold while enjoying the outdoor sun. Put ice in a Kiddie Pool and then put your drinks of choice in the ice. 

6. Kiddie Car Wash

This idea takes some creativeness.  You will need PVC Pipes, Pool Noodles, String/Yarn/Rope, and a Water Hose.  Connect PVC pipe in a structure, make sure the piping is glued and has pathways connected for water to flow throughout. Only have one open pipe to the outside for a hose connection.  Then  drill holes into the top piping and side piping to let water come out in a "Spraying Motion."  You can add hanging noodles, or soaked sponges to get even more wet.  Also for decoration add colorful rope/string/yarn around and hanging from the PVC pipe.  Hook up a hose to the open pipe.  Let the water run through all the piping to create a run through wash.  

7. Bottle Sprayer

Take a large empty bottle (Ex: Soda bottle)  And poke hole through out leaving one side with no holes.  Connect hope to bottle cap opening and secure with duct tape.  Lay bottle on ground, No Holes side down. Turn on water hose and enjoy. 

8. Balance Act

This activity works best with at least 2 players or 2 teams.  Gather 4 buckets and space 2  of them them next to each other about 10- 20 feet apart from the players. Leave the remaining buckets in front of the players.  Fill 2 of the buckets that are far from you with water.  Either get sponges or small bowls and place them in the two buckets that are not filled with water (the two by the players).  Each person takes the sponge or bowl from the empty buckets and runs to the filled buckets.  They either soak as much water as they can with the sponge or fill the bowl with water and run back to the empty bucket with the sponge or bowl on their head.  Dump or squeeze the water out into the empty bucket.  Then do it again or let the next person in line on your team do it.  First person or team to get all the water from one bucket to the other wins! 

9.  Sponge Pass

1. Get a Giant Sponge and soak it with water.  Have a toss and count as many time it take to toss back in forth until the water is gone.  Try to get the highest amount of passes you can.  

2. Another idea is similar to the buckets as mentioned above.  Get two buckets, one next to each player.  Fill one bucket with water, while the other remains empty.  One player soaks the sponge in water and tosses it to the other player.  The other player squeezes out the sponge into the empty bucket.  Try to get all the water into the empty bucket as you can.  Play this against another team. and see who can get the most water transferred.  *Optional* Winning team gets to dump the water buckets onto the losing team. 

10. Slip and Slide on a Budget

Inflatable Slip and Slides can get costly and they are often very small.  Buy a tarp any color your desire.  Lay the tarp on a hill or incline.  Get a sprinkler at the top of the slide to be spraying onto the tarp.  Option to make it extra slippery.  Pour soap all over the tarp or add soap to a bottle sprinkler.  Additional add on, use inflatable rafts and tubes to slide down the tarp at max speed.

11. Bonus! Pup Pool

Our dogs are members of our family too.  Get a kiddie pool and fill it with water to make some summer fun for your furry friend. 


Andy P
Andy P

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