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June 13, 2017 2 min read

One of the hardest ideas to come up with is often what to get your dad for Fathers Day.  You have thought about getting him more tools, but that is what he got for the past 4 years.  Looking for inspiration can be just as frustrating and with Fathers Day being right around the corner you may catch yourself running out of time. We have come up with a few unique gift ideas to show your appreciation. 

Unique Gift Ideas for Fathers Day

1.  Matching Key Chains

A constant reminder of loved ones on the go.  Simplistic but very meaningful.

2. Coffee cups with a puny saying. 

Everybody likes to laugh; make your dad laugh every morning when he gets a hot drink to start the day. 

3. Garden Bench

Spending time outside landscaping can be tiring; a bench gives the perfect amount of relief off of the feet. 

Learn more about this bench »



4. Candy Jar

Fill a jar with his favorite candy. 

5. Homemade BBQ Sauce

Get your favorite recipe and make a sauce for your dad to use on the grill.  Every time he cooks with it, he will think of you.

6. Heavy Duty Grill

If your dad loves the taste of grilled chicken, BBQ, or basic hamburgers, this grill will be the perfect gift for a dad who loves to cook.

Charcoal grill options »

7. Grill Equipment

Always an essential in a dad's cooking toolbox. Add a note and BAM! a useful gift for your father.  From sassydealz.com

8. Picture worth a Thousand Words

Giving a picture of you two from a special time in your lives will always bring back happy memories. Customize this item with a hot glue gun and some old Scrabble letters. 

9. Hang Out in a Hammock 

The best gift you can give your dad is some relaxation time.  A hammock can be a great way for your dad to enjoy the rays of sun as he is hanging out in-between trees. 

Different Hammock colors to choose from »

10. Man Cave Decor

Every dad could use some funny decor in their man cave. 

Original idea from The Ping Penguin Etsy store

11. Campfire Story's

Giving the gift of a campfire can be so beneficial. Not only will it be a long lasting gift, but everyone in the family can enjoy it.

Fire pits, rings, and accessories are all great for a campfire »

12. Matching Shirts

A Classic way to share the special connection between you and your dad. 

13. Custom Coasters

Buy tile squares and use a sharpie to make a design.  Cook the tiles in the oven at 350* for about 40 minutes.  Let the whole family enjoy some personalized coasters.

14. Rocking the Day Away

Rocking chairs are a staple for Fathers Day gifts.  This is perfect for breathing in that fresh air outside while reading a book. 

Rock into a relaxation zone »

15. Customized Plates and Dishes with Paint

A way to put your own touch and heart into a gift.  This idea is great for younger kids to interact in making the gift compared to purchasing one. 

Andy P
Andy P

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