Fall Tips For Your Outdoor Living Areas - Part Two

5 Tips To Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Areas

  1. Bring the indoors out.  With sunset coming earlier and earlier this time of year, consider adding an indoor/outdoor LED light to your patio area.  Purchasing an inexpensive timer will allow you to set the times to illuminate each day.
  2. Cozy up with a quilt.  Have earth-toned blankets at the ready to cozy into the cooler Fall nights.
  3. Add color with furniture.  Let your choice of Fall furniture decor, such as painted Adirondack chairs, bring Autumn to life.
  4.  DIY welcome mats.  Tap in to your creative side with a do it yourself stenciled mat to celebrate the season with friends and family.
  5. Nostalgic vignette.  Rustic wagons, wheelbarrows, and crates make for a great base for seasonal flowers and gourds.  
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