How to Keep Your Dog Entertained in the Summertime

1. Road Trip

Nothing brings back the best memories like a family vacation, now your pet can come too! Pet Friendly has a full list of places that you can take your furry friend across the country; from ghost tours to ice cream cruises. 

2. Dog Parks

Dogs parks are a great way to socialize your dog and let them have the time of their life by running around and playing.  The best part about this activities is that most dog parks are free!

3. Hiking

Dogs are naturally athletic animals, therefore they require lots of exercise.  Hiking can give that challenging adventure that is perfect for any dog.  

4. Water Fun

This will not only get your children out and about having fun, but your dogs too!  You don't need a pool; a sprinkler or other water activities are mentioned in the blog No Pool No Problem.  

5. Back Yard Games

Not everyone wants to spend time driving somewhere to take their dog for exercise.  Not to mention keeping your pet on a leash the whole time.  Simple back yard activities can keep your pup entertained.

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